When you need support and guidance to help you through some of life’s toughest emotional challenges, having someone to lean on, who can give you strength, a strategy to resolve the situation and help you to come through it in better shape than before, is one of the greatest  investments you can make. 

My impactful coaching creates rapid and lasting recovery so that you can function both at work and in life, find emotional balance to be yourself and enjoy life again. It is not a quick fix/ sticking plaster but a positive process to help you work through current and past difficulties. It delivers results very quickly because it is insightfully guided, carefully managed and supported.

My clients are often at a crossroads in their life: retirement, empty nest. I help them find new directions and a meaningful life.

I support professionals working in industries where there are high incidences of stress, as well as emotional and psychological welfare issues. Some of my clients are upset at work, either because they feel that they are not coping, they are overstressed, or ridden with performance anxiety. I deal with anything which knocks their confidence back and help them manage their fear levels.

Family solicitors refer clients who are emotionally fragile and in need of support, so I can help them through their separation or divorce. This has a positive effect on your client's legal costs. I am also an associate of Dovetail Divorce, providing coaching in South Yorkshire within the collaborative law framework.

Coaching: over 1,500 hours of coaching experience

Coach executives and senior managers in the private and the public sectors.

Coach clients dealing with personal crises such as divorce, redundancy and relationship issues

My clients are often referred to me by family and employment solicitors

I coach clients based in the UK, France, and in the Middle East.

"What I saw from Danielle was very strong, very sophisticated coaching. She has a very professional coaching style. As a coach, I rate her highly. She demonstrates the ability to really build a safe environment and rapport with her clients through empathy and makes good use of humour to lighten the mood and inject energy. Her questioning is gentle yet sophisticated. What really stands out is Danielle's ability to move her clients to a positive mindset."

Simon Machin, Examiner on Post Graduate Coaching Course at Barefoot Coaching, accredited by the University of Chester.

Some of the legal firms I work with:



"I’ve never had a Fairy Godmother before but I reckon a chic French one has to be the best sort. Thank you for being there for me and supporting me."


"Danielle came into my life as I was trying to recover from an unexpected and very painful separation from my husband (my partner of 32 years)  - who had embarked on an affair. With her humour, lovely warm personality and wisdom she helped me to see that although I could do absolutely nothing about what my husband had done but I could forge ahead to a brighter and hopeful future by focusing on my strengths and by building my confidence.

Danielle helped me to realise that change (even totally unexpected) can bring about positive changes in your life, after all we only have one life and we deserve to be happy!"


"Thank you for our session. I feel so much better. I have clarity about where I am and why. You are wonderful."